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2023 Internships – Human Resources Canadian Security Intelligence Service

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The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is looking for students who thrive on tackling diverse challenges in a unique environment. If you are up for the challenge and want to join one of our highest performing teams, there is no doubt that your contributions to CSIS will provide a meaningful impact to our mission of helping keep Canadians safe against national security threats. The Service is building a workforce which is representative of the Canadian society and foster diversity and inclusion. Also, it is dedicated to establish positive policies and practices related to hiring, training, promoting and retaining designated group members ensuring that employment-related needs of all persons are reasonably accommodated.

CSIS offers opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in business and administration, with the possibility to return for multiple placements in different areas. Students will be given the opportunity to cultivate their skills and knowledge by being paired with experienced employees who will provide feedback during the work term. They will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience before choosing a career specialization.


HR offers a wide variety of specialisations. You can apply to one or multiple areas of interest within the branch for student job opportunities. In order to assess your application, please highlight, in your cover letter, areas of interest in order of preference.

The system will allow you to select only one location of work. If you are interested to be considered for various locations of work as mentioned above, please highlight, in your cover letter, the additional locations you would like to apply to.

Students will assist with tasks including but not limited to the following:

Recruiting and Staffing (All locations)

  • Coordinate HR activities by applying recognized methodologies and ensuring compliance with HR principles;
  • Conduct research (e.g. review of applications), preliminary interviews, an analysis of requirements and/or issues to be addressed;
  • Monitor recruitment process, contact applicants and coordinate various steps of the recruitment process;
  • Maintain and update HR documentation, databases and files;
  • Prepare assessment material, letters of offer, staffing reports;
  • Provide input and recommendations for changes to HR procedures and practices.
  • Conduct reference checks

International Region Only

  • Provide assistance to the Foreign Officer selection process;
  • Provide support to foreign officers by responding to general inquiries, redirecting communications.

Classification (Ottawa only)

  • Support the Classification team in the conduct of work reviews, relativity studies, position management and organizational design.
  • Organize, prioritize and process administrative requests such as data entry and monthly reporting.
  • Investigate requirements or issues associated to positions and/or structures by researching historical information and classification decisions.
  • Respond to client inquiries in line with classification principles and best practices.
  • Maintain and update classification documentation, organizational charts, databases and files.

Diversity and Inclusion (Ottawa only)

  • Assist organization-wide human resource programs, projects or initiatives.
  • Assist developing tools and/or approaches for broader roll-out and adoption throughout an organization.
  • Assist in implementing strategies and programs designed to advance equity, diversity and inclusion (e.g., accessibility, reconciliation, anti-racism, etc.).
  • Assist in creating progressive strategies, practices and approaches to promote and foster equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Promote the laws and frameworks governing equity, diversity and inclusion in the federal public service, including the Official Languages Act, the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, the Employment Equity Act, the Accessible Canada Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Collaborate with working relationships and foster engagement at all levels.

Employee Awards and Recognition (Ottawa only)

  • Assist in processing various awards in the program such as the instant recognition and certificates.
  • Assist in the development of departmental policies, programs or processes.
  • Promote the Awards and Recognition program to foster a positive work environment that supports employee engagement.

Employee Relocation Programs (Ottawa only)

  • Conduct research on industry trends and policies related to employee mobility, relocation and related entitlements and allowances
  • Support the review and improvement of relocation program communications
  • Undertake special projects to improve employee awareness and understanding of relocation program entitlements
  • Assist in the preparation of training materials for meetings and information sessions
  • Assist in the development of program policies, tools and processes
  • Assist in analyzing data and trends to inform changes to program policies and communications

Health and Workplace Management (Ottawa only)

  • Coordinate and participate in the intake, tracking and reporting of information from employees in support of Health and Safety programs.
  • Maintain, control, log and track vaccination status of all employees, contractors and students by creating and maintaining various databases and medical files. Report any issues or requirements to Occupational Health and Safety nurses or Management.
  • Assist in creating, updating and communicating reference materials for use by managers and employees.
  • Draft and distribute teaching and/or training materials.
  • Assist in developing and implementing strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative practices.
  • Ensure the protection, storage and appropriate use of confidential information.
  • Assist in creating, updating and communicating reference materials for use by managers and employees.
  • Draft and distribute teaching and/or training materials.
  • Assist in developing and implementing strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative practices.

HR Systems (Ottawa only)

  • Support the corporate use of business intelligence tools such as IBM Cognos Enterprise to produce data reports.
  • Assist in the development of training materials and learning tools for clients and system users.
  • Extract relevant data and provide to clients in support of evidence-based decision-making.
  • Undertake special projects to support the modernization of HR systems such as contributing to the development of a data dictionary.

Labour Relations (Ottawa only)

  • Coordinate Labour Relations (LR) activities by applying recognized methodologies and ensuring compliance with LR principles;
  • Conduct research (e.g. jurisprudence, internal precedents) as assigned by LR staff;
  • Maintain and update LR documentation, databases and files;
  • Prepare accompanying materials for briefing notes, discipline committee documentation, grievance responses;
  • Provide input and assistance in preparing training materials on LR topics.

Official Languages (Ottawa only)

  • Receive and evaluate in order of priority in order to provide answers and advice to clients related to Official Language process
  • Assist in the development of departmental policies, programs or processes.
  • Assist in various projects and collaboration with partners or stakeholders
  • Provide input or recommendations on the Official Languages Act to all employees.
  • Develop and prepare training materials and learning tools for managers and employees.
  • Promote the Official Languages program and foster engagement throughout the organization.

Pay & Benefits (Ottawa only)

  • Develop knowledge of pay and benefits administration within the Government of Canada
  • Organize, prioritize and process administrative pay requirements including requests for pay documentation (e.g. bi-weekly pay stubs, acting forms, confirmation of employment, etc.)
  • Support the training section in the preparation / coordination of training material and tools
  • Assist in processing overtime claims
  • Participate on special projects, research and development of communications

Strategic HR Policy (Ottawa only)

  • Research policy options in other employment contexts
  • Compile data to support HR strategy and planning
  • Assist in the development of training and communications materials

Talent Acquisition (Ottawa only)

  • Coordinate student engagement activities
  • Maintain and update recruiting event documentation, databases, contact list and files within the assigned area
  • Create surveys to track data
  • Assist in organising recruitment fairs, info sessions, presentations or any special projects on recruiting strategies with external stakeholders
  • Liaise with potential candidates to promote the organisation

Talent Management (Ottawa only)

  • Assist in the coordination of national programs such as Mentoring and Managers’ Network
  • Liaise with employees in the coaching programs, both internal and external
  • Help draft marketing documentation to promote leadership events and training
  • Work with internal stakeholders such as the communications branch and learning and development
  • Assist in the planning of events such as executive workshops and leadership matters initiatives

Workforce Analytics (Ottawa only)

  • Assist in analyzing and synthesizing data sets and apply HR metrics to identify trends and contribute to the development of recommendations based on findings.
  • Undertake research and gather quantitative and qualitative information to assist in producing reports and briefings.
  • Conduct special projects such as retirement projections and establishing hiring projections by position groups.
  • Assess data regarding Human Resources programs to provide insight and comment on findings.

Based on applicants’ experience and interest, other similar opportunities in an HR related field may be available.

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