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2023 Internships – Information Technology and Engineering Canadian Security Intelligence Service

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The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is looking for students who thrive on tackling diverse challenges in a unique environment. If you are up for the challenge and want to join one of our highest performing teams, there is no doubt that your contributions to CSIS will provide a meaningful impact to our mission of helping keep Canadians safe against national security threats. The Service is building a workforce which is representative of Canadian society and foster diversity and inclusion. Also, it is dedicated to establish positive policies and practices related to hiring, training, promoting and retaining designated group members ensuring that employment-related needs of all persons are reasonably accommodated.

CSIS offers opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in science and technology, with the possibility to return for multiple placements in different areas. Students will be given the opportunity to cultivate their skills and knowledge by being paired with experienced employees who will provide feedback during the work term. They will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience before choosing a career specialization..

Placement Will Provide Opportunities In The Following Areas

  • Hands on work experience with projects
  • Teamwork and individual contributions
  • Exposure to knowledgeable and passionate subject matter experts
  • Collaborative work environments
  • Improve time and project management skills
  • Diverse work force


Candidates Must Be Enrolled In An Undergraduate Degree Or An Advanced Diploma Program Of 3 Years, Including But Not Limited To

  • Computer Science
  • Computer and Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering in technical areas
  • Network Security
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications


Science and Technology offers a wide variety of specializations; you can apply to one or multiple areas of interest within the branch for student job opportunities. In order to assess your application, please highlight, in your cover letter, areas of interest in order of preference.

As for the location of work, the system will allow you to select one only. If you are interested to be considered for various locations of work as mentioned above, please highlight, in your cover letter, the additional locations you would like to apply to.

Students can cultivate their skills and gain valuable experience in the following fields:

Database Administration

  • Install, configure, monitor and support databases, performing database backups, restores/refreshes.
  • Advise/assist developers in database design and queries best practices.

Embedded Systems Programming/Hardware

  • Work with analog and digital electronic circuits and troubleshooting hardware/software/firmware within embedded systems.
  • Assist with testing and evaluation of systems to ensure they meet their functional and operational requirements.
  • Analyze test results and track issues resolution to ensure that systems can be successfully deployed operationally with high confidence.
  • Experience with microcontroller architecture (Raspberry Pi, Arduino), embedded PC hardware or VME based single board computers, ARM architectures

IT Infrastructure Support

  • Provide operational infrastructure services that enable the collection of intelligence in order to advance CSIS’ investigations.
  • Create and sustain a centralized operational environment that offers high performance and high speed networks through the development of a core set of services of cost-effective, scalable and adaptive infrastructure.
  • Maintain, support and administer elements in an Enterprise environment such as: Linux/Windows servers, virtualization technologies (VMware, OpenStack); storage technologies (Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, backups/restores); identity and access management (LDAP, Active Directory); web infrastructure.

IT/Network Security

  • Research latest security practices. Validate operational tools and make recommendations for improvements to standard practices.
  • Apply network security best practices involving commercial hardware and software.
  • Develop software tools and scripts for system security audits.
  • Assess/provide/use/validate secure network infrastructure for technical solutions.
  • Test vulnerability of products or software, proof of concepts, refine requirements and conduct research.
  • Installation, configuration and support of security related products.
  • Conduct in depth security assessments including but not limited to Statements of Sensitivity (SOS), Security Reviews, Threat and Risk Assessments (TRA) and Certification & Accreditations (C&A) or Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A).
  • Obtain solid foundation of Government of Canada IT Security standards.
  • Learn how to work in a Security Operations Center environment.
  • Familiarization with Wireless Intruder Detection Systems (WIDS) and their role in IT Security.
  • Participate in the forensic acquisition and analysis of various equipment using modern tools and techniques.

Networking/Network Engineering/Telecommunications

  • Develop tools for the delivery and processing of telecommunications data.
  • Test and maintain mobile devices using networking protocols and software development tools.
  • Analyze and configure LAN/WAN communications networks and appliances.
  • Maintain, support and administer of LAN/WAN.

Software Development

  • Use programming language such as, but not limited to: Java, C#, Javascript, Python, C/C++ and Go.
  • Perform development and integration of software systems using Pega Business Process Management (BPM) rules engine.
  • Build tools, APIs, native or web based frontends.
  • Interact with end users and provide recommendations.
  • Participate in designing, programming, testing, documenting and optimizing solutions.
  • Learn best practices through mentorship and code review.
  • Support or modernize legacy applications.

Specialized Intelligence Collection Systems

  • Validate the functionality of technical solutions to ensure the capabilities will be effective in an operational environment
  • Provide/use/validate secure network infrastructure for technical solutions.
  • Investigate, troubleshoot and determine remedial action to issues reported by clients.
  • Configure and deploy various solutions involving networking equipment, computers, software applications and tools

Support Technicians

  • Hardware repairs / setup (computer, printer, mouse, keyboard, etc.)
  • Application Support
  • Passwords Resets
  • Samsung Cell Phone Troubleshooting / Install
  • Network/ Connectivity Issues
  • Video Conference Support
  • File Transfers or Restoration (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Telephony and Fax Support
  • General IT Questions / Support

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Work with ensuring data quality and data assurance in a processing system for collection, organization, filtering, triaging, and reporting of data types collected using various techniques on a big data system in a complex distributed, mission critical system.
  • Assist with testing and evaluation of systems to ensure they meet user requirements.
  • Coordinate with development and operational teams to identify valuable tests and writing/developing new test cases and participate in continuous improvement testing.
  • Analyze test results and track issues until resolution.
  • Usage of tools and systems that directly support the collection, processing, storage, handling and safeguarding.


  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Client Service
  • Initiative

Conditions of Employment

Applicants must be registered as a full-time, post-secondary student in an accredited academic institution recognized in Canada. Priority consideration will be given to those enrolled in an accredited co-op/internship program.

To apply for this job please visit