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Rightmove Internships Summer 2022 – Support Analyst In Bath

  • Internship
  • Bath, UK

Website Rightmove

About the job

We are looking for a

Support Analyst

Location: Milton Keynes Reporting to: Support Analyst Manager

The role

The Support Analysts focus expert knowledge of the Rightmove website as well as our systems, applications, and business rules to troubleshoot, problem solve, and offer technical support to our users. Working as a mixture of first line and second line support, this role requires the ability to problem solve under pressure, and the ability to communicate with and influence Rightmovers at all levels within the company.

This role also involves collaborating closely with our Product Development teams to build a wide-ranging knowledge of the different areas of the business, as well as the technologies that drive them (including Oracle, for example).

A typical week as a Support Analyst might involve

  • Providing support for our customer-facing teams by troubleshooting and resolving issues with our website and customer/consumer tools and features
  • Providing support for Rightmove’s internally used systems by troubleshooting and resolving issues when something goes wrong
  • Providing data on request to Rightmovers using SQL queries to Rightmove’s databases
  • Acting as a technical translator between our development teams and our users, making it easy for our users to understand what’s gone wrong and for our development teams to appreciate the impact on those users
  • Identifying the root cause of any inbound support issue to allow us to champion bug fixes, development, process-changes and knowledge-sharing that will reduce the need for future escalated support
  • Driving the upskilling of our front-line support teams, as well as other Support Analysts
  • Taking part in post-incident retrospectives with other Rightmove teams to mitigate future risks where we identify them
  • Liaising with external service providers, as well as our customers’ technical teams where necessary, to resolve problems
  • Maintaining a strong, collaborative relationship with our Product Development teams based in both the Milton Keynes and London Offices
  • Acting as a consultant to the business, using our unique position and understanding of both our internal systems and the Rightmove website to provide a valuable perspective on suggested changes and the impact of incidents

We’re looking for someone who

  • Is at their best when analysing and diagnosing to get to the root cause of an issue
  • Wants to be constantly learning more about how Rightmove’s data and systems fit together
  • Can easily break down the requirements and scope of a problem
  • Has the confidence to challenge those requirements, as well as the priority placed on the work
  • Will take responsibility for their actions, using any mistakes made as a learning experience
  • Is extremely organised, able to prioritise and multi-task effectively without much guidance
  • Has the ability to communicate with all levels of the business, particularly in translating between those with and without technical expertise
  • Enjoys having a sense of ownership for the work they deliver, particularly where that drives team and business objectives
  • Is self-aware and rational, someone who will constructively challenge their own perspective on a problem as much as they will challenge someone else’s
  • Has the ability to mitigate risk by identifying and pre-empting what might go wrong

It would be an advantage to already have

  • Experience in using SQL to query databases and write bespoke reports
  • Experience in using Excel beyond a very basic level
  • A working knowledge of relational databases
  • Familiarity with ‘Agile’ principles and methodology

Ultimately, we care much more about the person you are, how you think and approach things, than a list of qualifications and buzzwords on a CV. Even if you can’t say ‘yes’ to all of the above, but are smart, self-motivated and passionate about delivering great solutions then get in touch.

About Us

We are on a mission to ‘help people make the right move’, we launched in 2000 with a will to make home-hunting happy, by showing all property in just one place. A great success story, we’re now the biggest home-grown web brand in the UK our traffic levels surpassed only by Facebook, Google, YouTube, eBay and Amazon. Despite this success, we remain a down-to-earth bunch. To join us in our mission, we look to recruit people who share the same values and beliefs as we’ve always had, because Rightmove is people. We call it the secret to our success and why staying 10 years or longer, reaching ‘gnome status’, is simply the Rightmove way.

We encourage and support all Rightmovers to continuously develop themselves. Together we work towards the best outcome, both in terms of our technical solutions and continued business growth. We are always on the lookout for the great new people to join our team. If you are a smart and passionate initiative-taker then get in touch. You could be part of the next chapter of the Rightmove story! Will you be ‘Gnomed?’

Did you know?

  • Rightmove was meant to be called ‘Doorknob.’ But it didn’t quite have the same ring to it
  • We still have employee #1 working at Rightmove
  • We currently have 52 gnomes on our gnome tree

To apply for this job please visit